Lettsom Gardens – Rules

The rules governing the use of the gardens are deliberately kept few and simple. They are:

• No dogs
• No BBQ or fires
• No radios/music players/live music
• Please take all litter home as they are no bins in the gardens
• Observe the opening times: from 6.30am till 10.30pm every day
• Please keep the gates closed at all times to protect the gardens and prevent small children from running out on the road. Under no circumstances should the gates be propped open.
• We allow small, informal parties in the gardens so long as they do not spoil other people’s enjoyment of the space. We ask you to look at our parties policy below, and to email us at least 3 weeks ahead to check a space is free lettsomgardens@gmail.com.

Please note that there are no toilets in the gardens.

Party policy (June 2021)

Lettsom Gardens is run as a small, quiet green space in which local people can relax, meet up with others and let their children play safely, without worries about cars, dogs, etc.
We ask all members and their guests to remember that this is the primary purpose of the space and not to do anything that spoils its enjoyment for others.
We also ask you to support the trustees and other members by helping to keep the trees and plants well looked after and free of litter.
Within these principles, small, informal children’s parties will be allowed if:
• You keep the party small and laid-back. Please don’t bring in lots of furniture or take over parts of the gardens for the sole use of you and your guests.
• You make sure the party doesn’t interfere with others’ enjoyment of peace and quiet: no amplified music, no professional entertainers, no large-scale organised games.
• You clear up all your litter afterwards and take it away with you.
• You do not prop open the gates.
• You email us at least 3 weeks ahead to check a space is free lettsomgardens@gmail.com