Welcome to Lettsom Gardens

A private garden in the heart of Camberwell

Lettsom Gardens is a private garden in Camberwell, London SE5. It is bordered by Grove Park to the north and Grove Hill Road to the south. It is a popular amenity for the communities in both those streets and also more widely amongst Camberwell residents. The gardens are run by a charity, Lettsom Gardens Association, and access is by keys that come with an annual membership.

The space is divided between woodland, allotments and a tarmac sports field. Between the three of them they create a well used community utility. There is a small area of grass that hosts many a picnic after school in the summer, and also a large wooden swing.The gardens have one major open day during the year which is a a bonfire night on the nearest weekend to November the 5th. It is a well attended local event.

Please take time to look over the rules for the gardens and should you wish to join up follow the instructions in the Membership section of this site.

James La Terriere
(Chairman, Lettsom Gardens Association)

We are collating pictures of Lettsom Gardens to populate the Gallery page. If you have photos of past events or the Gardens through the seasons, please email the webmaster.

Please note, especially during summer, the opening hours for the gardens:

6.30am - 10.30pm